Een boycot op vis gaat de oceaan niet redden
Dutch News paper article, authored by Prof Simon Bush, in collaboration with various Wageningen colleages including myself. Also published as Wageningen news blog.

FNP joins Ocean Nexus Center in studying social equity in marine nature restoration

How to include smallholders in sustainable shrimp farming in Vietnam?
Newsflash from the horizon 2020 EURASTiP Project

Interdisciplinary workshop Small-Scale Fisheries
In May 2018 I took part in a workshop at the University of Washington organized by the Nereus Program. The reason we (an interdisciplinary team) assembled in Seattle was to advise the FAO on their ‘Hidden Harvest’ study for the global assessment of the importance of small-scale fisheries. 90% of people who fish are small-scale fishers. They harvest half of the seafood we eat around the world. But at the core of small-scale fisheries are the intangible elements that can’t be counted. The current overreliance on national fisheries datasets contains a risk of the ‘mirror effect’ (especially when studying things ‘hidden’): we will know more about what kind of data governments have been gathering than about the fishing realities ‘out there’. One way ’team anthropology’ contributed was by drawing attention to the structural inequalities in small-scale fisheries as well as the non-monetary values that make small-scale fisheries matter for wellbeing, yet slip out of Big Data. As a consequence, thematic case studies and social science literature review were added to the original relience on quantitative assessment of national fisheries datasets.
Nereus expert meeting on SSF @ University of Washington

The teacher is a jerk’: trouble with student evaluations in university teaching
Interview for the Dutch Public News Organisation on student evaluation in university education:
‘Docent is eikel’: Universiteiten klaar met snoeiharde studentenkritiek, NOS 2018

Cyanide fishing is a way of life
Interview for the Wageningen University Magazine
Cyanidevisserij is een manier van leven” Resource 11 April 2017, edition 17.

The sea is also a home for humans
“Zee ook een thuis van de mens”, Nederlands Dagblad 1 April 2017, p 17.