2022 UN Ocean Conference
Presentation on Assessing Global Ocean Equity

In this link you find the Presentation slides

UN Ocean Conference Panel: Procedural Key Performance Indicators (PKPI) for Assessing Global Ocean Equity

As sustainable development, as defined through the Sustainable Development Goals, has increasingly focused on equity as  expressed through the phrase “no one left behind,” there is a new need to measure progress towards equity in ocean development policies and projects. Procedural Key Performance Indicators (PKPI) is one solution, aimed not at providing standard indicators, but through providing a flexible guidance for diagnosing, planning for, and evaluating (in)equity concerns in policies and projects through their procedural lifespans. In particular, PKPI is focused on recognizing the systemic issues that cause inequities (such as colonial relations, structural racism, and policies that benefit the already economically well-off while disbenefitting the poor), and developing plans and monitoring that aim to reverse these causes.

In this Ocean Conference side-event, Ocean Nexus fellows and principal investigators explore diverse cases of ocean inequities and their systemic causes around the world, and suggest key indicators that can help reverse these systemic causes of inequity. The initial framework of PKPI is built off of three years of Ocean Nexus research and intended to comprehensively recognize equity concerns while acknowledging some specific cases will address some concerns more than others. The framework is scalable and can applied to individual projects to global initiatives like assessing equity impacts across the Voluntary Commitments. Ocean Nexus hopes to continually co-develop the framework with partners moving forward, to ensure it is of greatest relevance to coastal communities and that no one is left behind.

Watch the recording of the full panel here: